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PLI Blockathon is PAN India hackathon, invites participants across the nation. It is being organized by Suvik Group of Companies headquartered in the United Arab Emirates who have built a Blockchain Powered Product ”Plugin”, a Decentralized Oracle Network on XDC Network. The objective of this hackathon is to invite all the blockchain enthusiasts, and experts in the field to develop decentralized applications on XDC Network. 


If you are a developer, of any technology and aspire to innovate in the blockchain space, this Hackathon is for you! Bring out your potential. You can register for this hackathon as an individual, or as a Team. 

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Kindly enroll yourself here https://forms.gle/zi62xjQiJiAKiGUL7 to be able to participate in the Hackathon. Participants who are not registered will not be shortlisted for the Finals.



Our growing number of SDKs make it easier for you to integrate XDC-based tokens and smart contracts into your project, especially iOS or Android applications. No need to be an expert in blockchain development. With the help of our SDKs, developers can focus more energy on other parts of their projects.

A growing number of Layer 2 projects already make use of the XDC Network.




Telegram: https://t.me/goplugin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goplugin

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/goplugin/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/PluginPLI

Medium: https://medium.com/@GoPlugin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/goplugin/

Discord: https://discord.gg/4ATypYHudd


What to Build

Build a working dApp on the XDC Network leveraging Plugin within one of the categories listed:

  • DeFi: This includes IDO platform, stable coin (e.g. DAI) price oracle, lending, borrowing, synthetic assets, other DeFi applications

  • Gaming dApps: Play-to-earn (P2E) optimally including NFT integration with the possibility for trading digital property / in-game marketplace trading and other Gaming dApps making use of XDC Network

  • Web3: Create other Web3 tools and infrastructure, DAO, tools, decentralized social platforms

  • dApps : Build dApps to leverage Decentralized Oracle Plugin (PLI) - www.goplugin.co 

  • Ported dApps: dApps that are ported for any of the above categories or disruptive, new dApps ported from other chains benefitting XDC network utility

  • Impactful ideas for Social good: This includes Apps that can create a social impact like climatic changes, ideas that can improve the well-being of the common man like insurance apps for Farmers, pollution check, and waste recycling management.

Note: All dApps must be deployed on the XDC Network Mainnet.

What to Submit For Finals

  • Code. Submit your project code as a pull request to the Plugin Hackathon repository. You will also need to provide a URL to your open-source GitHub repository for judging and testing. Your code repository must be public and include an open-source license.

  • Video. Include a video (about 3 minutes) that demonstrates your project submission. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public.

Write Up. Briefly describe the project's workflow, limitations, tech stack and identify which category you are submitting into.

Hackathon Sponsors


850,000 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency logo

5,00,000 INR in XDC tokens

Cryptocurrency logo

2,50,000 INR in XDC tokens

Cryptocurrency logo

1,00,000 INR in XDC tokens

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


A qualified panel of judges

A qualified panel of judges

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Implementation
    Does the interaction with the XDC network demonstrate quality software development?
  • Implementation of the Idea
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developers.
  • Potential Impact
    How big of an impact could the project have on the XDC Network using Plugin. Does it add some kind of utility for Plugin?
  • Quality of the Idea
    How creative and unique is the project?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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